In NeS1 Post 142, Semievil wields Bernard the Pidgeon with a rubber duckie stuck to the end. He first verbally assaults The Otter with incomprehensible English, which Gebohq Simon must translate for Otter's sake. Semievil then starts bashing Otter with the rubber duckie. Sundeep, the former owner of the 7-Eleven, arrives to help Semievil beat up Otter before he notices the rubber duckie and condemns Semievil for stealing it, at which point he starts to beat Semievil up too.


------Yes geb, one thing you did forget.

Back at the Otter vs. Sem scene......

Sem is now wielding a smallish object that looks somewhat like Bernard, only it has a rubber-duckie toy attachment.

Sem: "I Make noises like angary ducks, brandishing Squakie-Toiz et yur NASE!!"

Geb, translating:"He's squeaking the ducky at your nose, Otter."

Sem squezes the duck attachment violently

Sem: "Silence you ninny! And as for you! You lowly aquatic rodent you!!! You deserve the most sever reprimand! Impeachment!! Exile!!!"

Sem throws Bernard at The Otter, with a good deal of dramatics, but it lands anticlimactically at Otter's feet. He the procedes over to where it has fallen, picks it up, and begins beating The Otter over the head, with the duck attachment making satisfying squaks on every impact.

The Otter: "No!...wait....I.....err...ouch!.. that....hey!"

Suddenly the Indian 7-11 owner shows up, at first he joins in with Sem, then he notices the ducky.....

7-11 guy: "Hey! You have not paid for this from my store!"

Sem: "I didn't get it from your store! I didn't even know you sold these! It just dropped from the sky with the other misc. debris, when Sam&Max[Ext 1] blew up your shop!"

7-11 guy: "I do not care. How am I to stay open like this? My shop has been destroyed. This arena has been disrespectful to me all along. And now they steal from my duckies!"

The 7-11 guy then proceeds to beat up on Sem, brandishing the ducky, and part of the Big-Gulp[Ext 2] sign.


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