In NeS1 Post 140 Antestarr is wondering how a 7-Eleven was built within the Arena but Gebohq tells him he doesn't want to ask. Sam & Max drive a Rabbit Walker towards the 7-Eleven, where The Otter is inside, and blow it up.


*Antestarr scratches his head.*

Antestarr: So, exactly how did they manage to build a 7-11 in a volcanic arena again?

Gebohq: Don't ask.

Antestarr: Ok then...

*One of the menacingly cute AT-MTT Walker (All Terrain Multiplication Table Transport AKA Rabbit Walker) that was thought to be destroyed approaches the crowd gathered contemplating why they fight, how this all began, and how in the world a 7-11 appeared out of nowhere. Max's head pops out of the hatch of the AT-MTT Walker.*

Max[Ext 1]: ROAWWR!

Sam: Max! Get back in here! You're not a wookie[Ext 2]! Besides I'm about to shoot the 7-11.

Max: But gratuitous acts of senseless violence are MY forte!

Sam: Fine, you can push the button.

*Max approaches the firing console of the AT-MTT Walker. What will happen next? Will Sam and Max destroy the 7-11? If so, will the Otter escape unharmed? Will anybody figure out exactly what's going on? Will I ever shut up? These, and many other questions will probably never be answered, but we'll see what happens next post, same NeS time, same NeS forum!*


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