In NeS1 Post 139 The Otter, seeing that Bo the Alligator has started eating audience members, attacks the villain with his huskarl. When the Narrator makes a joke about 'cobblering', instead of clobbering, Semievil attacks the Narrator. The huskarl has no affect on the tough scales of Bo and so Otter uses his powers over fire to incinerate Bo, after which he starts drinking three bottles of vodka and heads back to Fort Xanthan.


TheOtter(seeing the bomb blow up in Justyn's face):"ooooh....that would be a bad thing..."

*all of a sudden Otter hears screams coming from the bleachers, Bo is devouring the audience now*

Otter:"nobody devours paying customers on my shift!"

*Otter whips out of his medic's bag a 4ft. long Gothic-style sword called a Huskarl, and lunges at Bo, while screaming 'daddy needs a new pair of shoes!'*

Semievil:"uhhh....i don't think its going to be as easy as you thought Otter. Bo is a ragin' cajun!"

Bo:"i guarentee!"

Otter:"shut up you!"

*the tough skin on top of Bo is preventing Otter from piercing him, so he decides just to 'clobbering' him instead of 'cobblering' him(eh, eh! get it? cuz you see a 'cobbler' is someone who makes shoes and 'clobber' means to...

*just then Semievil jumps in...*

Semievil:"here let me give an example!"

*and proceeds to beat up the narrator*

Annoying Narrator:"help me, help me! im being repressed!"

*Otter still trying to think of a way to kill Bo...*

Otter:"hey! before this he ate the drunken camerman! so its safe to say that his belly is filled liquor!"

*Otter stands back and opens up his fists, which both form two softball sized flames ,and throws them both into Bo's mouth*



*crowd cheers as Bo's guts are falling from the sky onto them*


Antestarr(to Gebohq):"he does mean booze right?"


*Otter grabs 3 bottles of straight vodka and stumbles toward his 7-11

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