In NeS1 Post 138, Bo the Alligator arrives in Ares' Colosseum and the two non-NeS Characters Sam & Max decide to deal with the villain using one of the Rabbit Walkers. They find, however, an explosive attached to the walker they wish to use, shaped like Max' head, and throw it straight into the arena where it hits Gebohq Simon. When Gebohq realises what it is he throws it and it blows up in the face of Justyn the Thread Killer.


*Since the arena was already packed with people like a crazed rock concert party, nobody noticed Bo the alligator stroll in. Well, not until he at a hotdog man and several cameramen. Sam and Max[Ext 1] took notice of the alligator. They figured the best way to stop the new threat would be a good dose of overkill with one of the rabbit walkers pushed aside. A Max mine was attached to it.*

Max: "Umm...what's my head doing over there?"

Sam: "That's no head Max, that's one ugly looking time bomb. Let's dispose of it someplace where no one will get hurt."

Max: "How about in the arena Sam?"

Sam: "Sounds good to me."

*Max carelessly throws the bomb towards the arena. Several seconds later, the bomb went off. Max and Sam climbed into the Rabbit Walker.*

Max: "Mind if I drive Sam?"

Sam: "Only if I get to claw at the dashboard and scream like a cheerleader."


Gebohq: "Ow! What the hell? I thought Max was over...oh S***!!!! *tosses it immediately in front of him. It ends up exploding right in front of Justyn's face.*

Gebohq: "This just isn't my day..."


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