In NeS1 Post 137 the TV studio where Tony (British 'Pitch Guy') is selling Antestarr's lightfoils, as in NeS1 Post 136, is suddenly crashed by Bo the Alligator after audiences complained they'd never heard of him. Bo eats Tony before then headed towards Ares' Colosseum.


Tony, back @ infomercial studio:".....and if you order in the next 10 minutes we'll also include the Morris the cat, Bernard the pidgeon, and Bo the alligator action figures!!!"

Angry Arena spectators: "Bo? what's Bo? I don't think we've had a "Bo" yet."

Suddenly Bo crashes into the studio, devours Tony, and several random nearby mimes.

Arena spectaors: "OOOIEEE!!CARNAGE!!!(RSV)tm"

Bo, speaking with a badly-faked southern accent: "Daggown virmin, always gittin inta things, and now them new-fangled action figgures...shazbot..."

Bo makes his way out of the studio, and heads for the Arena.

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