In NeS1 Post 136, The Otter is watching TV within his newly claimed Fort Xanthan. He sees an infomercial where Tony the British 'pitch guy' is selling lightfoils to an audience. With freebies and a very low price on offer, the audience accidentally kills Mike, the host, while trying to make the purchase.


*meanwhile, in the 7-1 err...Fort Xanthan TheOtter surveys the interior and finds a small teley and turns it on*

TheOtter:"damn, only infomercials! hey! wait a minute!"

*Otter stares at the screen while the infomercial, 'Amazing Innovations' showcases something familiar...*

Mike(host):"well tony, what do you have for us today?"

Tony(British 'pitch guy'):"well mike, i've got this amazing new product called the...'LightFoil'"

*audience oooohs and aaaaahs*

Mike:"Oh, i don't know tony. Whatever it does it looks awfully complicated..."

Tony:"well mike, it isn't hard at all! it slices apples, oranges, onions, tomatoes, cornish hens, you name it!"


Tony:"anything, even watermelons!"

*demonstrates, everyone gasps then claps*

Tony:"not only will it slice,improve your sex live, give you more hair on your head, and do drycleaning it can also prevent cancer!"

Mike:"oh i don't know tony. i mean REALLY."

Tony:"trust me mike! iam a professional!"

Otter (to himself):"At what?"

Mike:"WOW! i guess it is true then! what are you going to sell it to the consumers for?"


*audience boos and shakes heads*

Mike:"gee tony, looks like you're gonna have to do better than that!"

Tony:"ok then, $49.95!"

*audience still boos and shakes heads*

Mike:"come on tony! give us a better deal!"

Tony:"ok than mike, but your gonna put me out of business....$45.95 w/ a FREE Rhinestone studder that comes w/ supply of 200 rhinestones and metal studs!"

*audience roars onstage w/ money clenched in their hands and in the process kill Mike (unfortunaetly not Tony)*

teley:"thats a scene from our new special 'When Studio Audiences Attack...V'!"

Otter:"hmmm....did they have the rights or did Antestarr sell them? or did he rip off Tony?"

*Otter leans head out window and yells towards Antestarr*

Otter:"hey, i didn't know they could cure cancer..."

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