In NeS1 Post 135 two non-NeS Characters enter the arena, Sam & Max. Max, seeing that the arena is for fighting, immediately attacks the politician, Al Gore, while Massassites are concerned about copyright lawyers coming to sue them.


*It was then that Lucasarts[Ext 1]' unofficial mascot entered the arena to represent this area as an official Lucasarts spoof. He was accompanied by his partner.*

Max[Ext 2]: Is "Pronto" a real word, Sam?

Sam: Beats me little buddy.

Max: So where are we? This doesn't look like the Lincoln Tunnel[Ext 3].

Sam: Looks to me like a marginally volitile political/competitive fighting situation.

Max: Ooo, does this mean we get to kick some puffy white politician butt?

Sam: Can't think of a reason not to. Sic 'em up, little buddy.

*Max immediately pounces on Al Gore[Ext 4] and begins to pummel him. Various sounds of pain are heard from that direction, and the Massassites look around to make sure that the lawyers aren't on their way to turn that little reference into a lawsuit.*


Britt's Commentary

"A minor inconsistency occurs here where Al Gore is beaten by Max, though in NeS1 Post 133 he was stated as leaving he arena by Otter the Writer." - Britt the Writer


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