After Rob X went back to sleep in NeS1 Post 131, in NeS1 Post 132 Semievil and Morris the Cat try to keep him awake by using an intravenous drip of coke. Since NeS1 Post 119 Ares' Clone has been reading Christian literature and when a random drunk, in NeS1 Post 128, it provides proof of Ares' Clone's doom-talk. Seeing the audience beginning to convert, Semievil changes the literature that Ares' Clone is reading with musical lyrics.


Sem, shouting:Morris!! RobX is goin down! We need caffine in here pronto!!(ohh that's a fun word-"pronto")

Morris rushes on scene with a comical cartoon stretcher, and loads RobX, giving him a makeshift IV of an inverted 2 lieter of coke[Ext 1] and a garden hose.

Ares' clone(continual mono-tone): "Behold ye sinners. The wrath of the Lord shall spare none, for the powers of darkness now close on you, and you must be cleansed."

Sem notices some of the audience has started to convert, and decides to change the literature again, this time opting for the lyrics to "Oklahoma[Ext 2]"

Ares' clone(in a sing-song voice, barely an improvement over the mono-tone):"There's a bright golden haze on the medow.....There's a bright golden haze on the medow.....The corn is as high as an elaphant's eye, and it seems to be climbing right up to the sky......OH!! What a beautiful morning!...."


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