In NeS1 Post 130 Semievil thinks he should remove the DMV employees from the officials positions but he needs a sign from God that it will happen. When it rains Antestarr argues that's the sign but Semievil says it's just rain. Even the thunderstorm is not enough. Only when a random drunk is struck by lightning, as in NeS1 Post 128, is a good enough sign.


<in regard to deathbane's post>

Sem:"ok, now the way I see it if we want to kick the DMV[Ext 1] guys outta the officials positions, we needs a sign"

Antestarr(aside from his duel):"what kind of a sign"

Sem:"a sign from the Lord"

(it begins to rain)

Antestarr:"there's your sign"

Sem:"ain't no sign, jus some rain"

(thunder and lightnin start up)

Ares' clone(still in monotone voice):"It is a sign of the Lord that we have been spared, oh the wondrous power of God"

Sem:"ain't no sign, jus the storm"

(drunkard walks in and gets struck by lightning)

Sem:"now that....could be a sign....."


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