In NeS1 Post 129 The Otter is being forced to get candy for an angry mob and so, while Sundeep is asleep, The Otter lays claim to the 7-Eleven of Ares' Colosseum and declares it to be his new Fort Xanthan from which he throws candy to the angry mob.


Angry Mob:"...and don't come back out until you've got more Cowtails[Ext 1]!"

*Otter stumbles up and dusts himself off, steps up to the 7-11[Ext 2] employee and says,*

TheOtter 19th cent. english child accent)"...I'd like some more please..."

*then realizing that Sundeep is still asleep he just decides to claim the 7-11 as his fort stronghold, but to give the rest of the Cowtails to the angry mob*

TheOtter:"I declare this ,Fort Xanthan!"

*w/ that he raised a black flag w/ a giant red 'X' on it. and then released the Cowtails to the crowd off of the roof*

TheOtter:"Hey, all contenders are allowed into my treehous...err...'fort', except of course Justyn..."


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