In NeS1 Post 126 Semievil shouted to the audience that The Otter was trying to steal the food from Enchilada Man's cart. When the audience members notice he'd eaten a whole load of candy, as in NeS1 Post 125, they drag him to the 7-Eleven so that Otter could steal them all more candy.


Semievil notices the rode-err otter attacking the cart.

Sem:"hey, that guy nixed the food!"

The spectators arouse from thier slumber suddenly and march on the otter, a riot begins to rage, and the otter is forced up into a tree.

Sem, noticing the cow-tail[Ext 1] wrappers:"hey, this guy ripped off that 7-11!"

the spectators begin chanting for the tree to be cut down, and Sem goes to get his saber.

The Otter:"no, I...I can explain....wait....Free cowtails for everyone!!!!!"

realizing too late that he just finished the last one, the otter begins to stammer as the angry audience drags him back to the 7-11 and makes him rip it off again......


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