In NeS1 Post 125 The Otter is frustrated because there's nobody to fight with in the arena matches. He begins to get annoyed by Enchilada Man, who Otter the Writer seems to have believed was in the arena despite leaving it in NeS1 Post 108. The Otter winds up threatening Enchilada Man with calling the government immigration services and Enchilada Man leaves Otter alone.


*After eating all of those 'Cowtails[Ext 1]', TheOtter is finally reday to take on some action, but no one is available...*

TheOtter:"aw, man! this blows! i get here and now theres no one to fight!"

*so Otter sits down a second to reflect and think who else he can fight, bu then he gets annoyed by the repeated requests of Enchilada Man to, 'pull his finger' so he takes out his dueling flint-locks once again and blows a huge hole in the side of Enchilada Man's cart*

TheOtter:"Leave me alone or i'll sick the INS[Ext 2] on you!"

*w/ this threat Enchilada Man scutters off w/ his injured cart muttering to himself, something about 'gringos'and 'revolution', i think*


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