In NeS1 Post 124 Gebohq has gotten his lightsaber back from the stomach of Morris the Cat but it is mostly digested and he decides to take a time-out to get a new one. However the colosseum's officials have been replaced with ex-DMV employees so the process is incredibly long and convoluted and he's given a huge pile of papers to fill out.


Geb: "hmm, my saber is 1/2 digested, I've ticked off the thread killer, and from the looks of my water-spritzer Sem can use that knife pretty well.....I may profit from a time-out here."

He goes to the official board and requests a time out, only to find it has been taken from Antestarr's capable supervision and given to old DMV[Ext 1] employees.

Geb:"yes I would like to request an official 2 minute time-out, and an undigested saber please."

official:"ok, now you'll need forms:





and 7308, documented proof of identity in 5 states, 2 photo ID's, and an instructor's certificate for the 39-hour drug-and-alcohol class and the 199 fun, and non-violent things to do with a lightsaber course." Geb:"But, I.....uh...lost my ID."

official:"well then you'll need forms:



and 632, fill them out and then come back."(handing gebohq a rediculously large set of papers, and the drug-and-alcohol sing-along video)

Sem, realizing this could take a while goes back to enchilada man's taco stand and sits down in the stands to eat.....


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