In NeS1 Post 122, The Otter decides to head to the 7-Eleven attached to the arena itself (rather than being elsewhere in the colosseum) and distracts the owner of the shop, claiming to see Vishnu, and steals candy before making his escape.


*As TheOtter watches on he decides to have some fun*

TheOtter:"Aw, screw the keys I'll get them later, I'm gonna get in the action!"

*So he reaches into his medic's bag and pulls out two flint-lock[Ext 1] dueling rifles .....and robbed the local 7-11[Ext 2]*

7-11 Employee (w/ thick Indian accent):"Mister Otter! the fight is on the LEFT SIDE! THE LEFT SIDE! not the right! are you going to pay for those?"

TheOtter:"Uh...hey! look over there! its Vishnu!"

*The employee hastily turns around, while TheOtter runs out of the 7-11 toward the RIGHT SIDE of the street w/ his pockets full of "CowTails[Ext 3]"*


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