In NeS1 Post 119, Semievil sees Morris the Cat streak by as he's being chased by Gebohq with a water spritzer, as per NeS1 Post 118. Semievil was talking to employees of Enchilada Man, feigning that he was looking for a combat partner for Morris, which he agreed to do in NeS1 Post 117. When he sees Morris being chased he throws a dagger at the water spritzer Gebohq uses as a weapon against Morris and gives Ares' Clone a flier to read, in monotone, at Gebohq.


Having by now totally disregarded the 4 foot circle, Sem, after seeing morris streak past, leaps from the concession stand(where he maintains he was conducting inquries of enchilada man's employees as to nothing but morris's next match). Dagger drawn he pierces the water spritzer, leaving Gebohq without ammo, and running into Ares' clone as he tries to stop.  Feeling obligated, he gives the clone a Jehova's witness[Ext 1] flier to read, and turns to square off with Gebohq.


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