Gebohq Simon wakes up in NeS1 Post 118 after being beaned to unconsciousness by Morris the Cat in NeS1 Post 117. He tries to coax Morris over to him to no avail. When Gebohq threatens the fat cat with his lightsaber, Morris just eats it. Morris says that he's not afraid of Gebohq's force powers but Gebohq reveals he has a special weapon to defeat Morris - a water spritzer and he starts chasing the cat around the arena.


*As Gebohq peel 17 1/2 pounds of english language off of his face, Gebohq finds that Sem has left their personal circle of death to find someone else to fight. And Geb thought to himself "It was just cleaned too!". Geb spots Morris the cat, desperate for someone to duel with. Or maybe he was just hungry...again. Geb lowers himself and rubs his fingers together to get the cat's attention*.

Geb: "Heeere kitty-kitty-kitty..."

Morris: "Don't insult me like that. I'll open a can of whoop-ass on you, you tart!"

Geb: "Tart? That's a new one..."

*Gebohq activates his lightsaber and thrusts it at Morris the cat. Morris simply lurches foreward, opening his mouth way too much to look realistic, and swallows the saber whole.*

Geb: "Hey! Gimme back my saber. Bad cat! No cookie for you."

*Gebohq starts to punch at the cat to no avail. The protective fat was too much to injure the immense cat.*

Morris: "Mwahahaha, you can not win now. You're useless without your saber."

Geb: "A jedi always has a weapon."

Morris: "The Force? Please!"

Geb: "Not quite..."

*Gebohq pulls out from his pocket a water spritzer, aims it at Morris, and applies more than a gentle mist at Morris. Disgusted by the water, Morris dashes out of the ring and Gebohq wins the battle.*

*Meanwhile, even more people join in for blood-filled fun...*

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