In NeS1 Post 117 Semievil is facing off against Gebohq Simon in a duel. After Semievil gets a momentary advantage he bows to his half-away audience, leaving himself open for Gebohq to retake the advantage. While in such a villainous position, Morris the Cat borrows the dictionary that Ares' Clone is reading from and beats Gebohq to unconsciousness with it. With that victory Semievil decides to help Morris find his own combat partner, first suggesting Bernard the Cyber-Pidgeon, which Morris refuses.


ok, so back to the story....

Semievil: "Geb, you really think you can beat me?"

Gebohq: "Of course! With no grip your just as weak as anyone else, even Morris!!!!"

Semievil opens the duel with a swift smite from the heel of his shoe delivered to Gebohq's face, stunning him momentarily. Gebohq retaliates as Sem bows for his adoring fans (the ones with the no-doz[Ext 1] in the back row) by landing his dagger in Sem's knee. Sem reels back in pain, stumbling on the edge of the circle, then dives past Geb, and is quickly put in the classic evil-man gloating pose, with geb's saber at his throat. 

Gebohq: "hahaha now you see the true power of being the person to restart a post, but you will never know how it ends....." he drones on in a rediculously long bwahahaha speech, and Morris finally decides to take offense at Geb's remark.

Morris: "hey clone-person, yeah, the god-lookin guy, gimme that dictionary"

Gebohq: "and now Semievil, you finally see the error of your ways."

Gebohq finishes the last words just as 17 and 1/2 pounds of english vocabulary slam down upon his head.

Sem nudges Geb, and realizing that he is unconsious, takes an overly boastful bow for his sleeping spectators.

Morris: "hmm damnit, I want something better to fight."

Semievil: "hey I got an idea! how about Bernard the cyber-pidgion!!!!"

Semievil holds up a tin-and-wood model of a vaugely pidionish bird with no paint.

Morris shoots Sem an evil look.

Morris: "don't start"

Semievil now having his duel momentarily post-poned goes in search of a suitable sparring partner for Morris.


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