NeS1 Post 116 has Semievil333 the Writer write a half-in half-out of Story post where in Semievil casts a spell to mesmerise JASRCC_Uber0010, who wrote a Thread Killer post in NeS1 115, flies him up into the air and then lets him drop into the open jaws of Morris the Cat. In a Non-Story Note Semievil333 the Writer explains that he disdains those who would try to end the thread in a single, thoughtless post.


I don't like that ending-I know I'm trying not to reach too much into tribes/eq, but here I just can't let it happen!!!!!

Sem casts the spell "mesmerize" on JASRCC_Uber0010, and stepping up behind him locks his arm around JASRCC_Uber0010's neck, snapping finger bones into the apropriate joints and creating a vice-like choker hold.

Using the other arm, Sem dons his beloved jet-pack, leaps 20 feet skywards, and begins to hover. As JASRCC_Uber0010 slowly comes around he finds himself dangling above the very jaws of death, that's right, about to be swallowed whole by Morris!!! (note to all: ignore this, I just don't like punks who want to end this kind of thread in 1 single-line post)JASRCC_Uber0010 drops to his doom......

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