In NeS1 Post 114 Antestarr and Justyn stop their battle and are confused that there would be a waiting list for battles, as said by Gebohq Simon in NeS1 Post 113. Antestarr summons circles on the ground, each ring being a zone of contest for two pairs to battle it out. Three zones, three pairs. Justyn and Antestarr resume their own battle while Semievil and Gebohq face off in another zone. Ares' Clone drags the sleeping body of Rob X to a zone to fight, but Rob X just continues to sleep in the clone's arms. When Morris the Cat wants to fight, Antestarr offers him a trashcan to battle.


*Antestarr and Justyn stop dueling for a moment to stare at the new spectacle.*

Justyn (blinks): Wha...? Ok, wait a minute! How can there be a waiting list for fights if I'm sitting here facing off against some newbie from a warehouse just outside the solar system and half the audience/contenders are asleep?!

Antestarr: Yeah! I think it's about time to have a slight rule change!

*Antestarr raises his hand and several cirlces form on the ground. Each circle is about 4 feet in diameter.*

Antestarr: Ok. Two people to a circle. You get one saber and one dagger. You have to face off using only these as weapons and defense and remaining within your circle. Remember, don't stop until your opponent has fallen! Now, pair off.

*Sem and the drowsy Gebohq take stances in one circle. Two by two the other members take places in circles. All that are left are the Ares clone and RobX. The clone drags Rob to a circle, where Rob just falls into the clone's arms and continues to snore away.*

Morris: Hey, what about me?

Antestarr: Uhh.... you can face off against... this... uh... Trashcan!

Morris: Gee, I feel so honored. *WHARF*

Antestarr: Eeew... hairball.

*Now paired off, the several duels begin. Nobody seeming to take the upper hand, Morris decides to interfere...*

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