In NeS1 Post 114 Semievil chokes a member of the audience, which finally gets him noticed by other audience members who compliment him on adjusting to a new video game setting than the one he's used to. He then strolls over to Gebohq Simon and challenges him to a duel but Gebohq mocks Semievil for not having basic mods installed. They agree to battle with force neutral powers only but there's a long waiting list for combatants to actually duel. Arbiter recognises Semievil as being the son of Dr Evil and remembers he must speak with him about the next Evil World Leader Organisation.


*Semievil stands between the audience and the arena, moonign everyone in the line of sight.*

Audience member: "Hey...can you move out of the way? I'm trying to watch here."

Semievil: "Neeeerg..."

*Sem stretches out his hand, gripping it as if choking someone who wasn't there. He was in fact using the Force to choke the person who chose to verbally dismiss him. At the sight of a gruesome death, sevreal audience members turn their heads at the new arrival*

Semievil: "Ahh...that's better."

Audience member #2: "Ohhh... Never seen an Everquestian[Ext 1]."

Audience member #3: "Tribesman[Ext 2]. Must be hard adjusting to this place, with no jetpack and all."

Semievil: "Yes, the change has been rough. And it isn't any easier that I'm so far behind technologically with JediKnight[Ext 3] that even my supremem skills can not compare with the new people of today. Oh well, time to visit up on some friends of mine..."

*Sem strolls over to Gebohq, who is pointing the deactivated lightsaber handle right in his face, examining it. Sem begins to talk.*

Semievil: "We meet agin."

Gebohq: "Ahh! You scared me there."

Semievil: "Surprised you didn't kill..idiot. Anyway, up for a battle?"

Gebohq: "But you don't even have SPORK!"

Semievil: "(grumble)Well REAL jedi don't need mods[Ext 4]. What do you say?"

Gebohq: "Sure, but I know you too well to fight you with anything but netraul force powers. You agree to that?"

Semievil: "Fine fine."

Gebohq "Ok then. Hm...gonna be a tad crowded in the arena, and it looks like there's a waiting list already."

Semievil: "Waiting list?"

Gebohq: "I know. What has the world come to?"


Ares' clone: "Catastrophe. Noun. It means..."

Arbiter: "That guy is REALLY getting on my nerves...and hey! It's semievil! Wonder if he's related to Dr. Evil. Need to talk to him about the evil world leader organization's next meeting..."


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