NeS1 Post 111 sees the introduction of Semievil as he emerges from gaming worlds to an arena. He destroys the entire stadium, happy that it was Ravens Stadium in Baltimore. He goes through another portal to arrive in the Arena of Ares' Colosseum where he sees the Rabbit Walkers that were destroyed in NeS1 Post 100 and plants some charges on them before hopping into the bleachers.


Semievil conjures himself up from the depths of tribes[Ext 1] and everquest[Ext 2], back into a strange, different jediknight[Ext 3] from the one he left.

Twisting his neck out of it's unnatural position he rears to his full hieght(a rare occurance) with bone-snapping noises.

Finding himself before a great arena, he arms himself(and extensive process) compleately before entering.

As he enters the inner gates, he works his repeater methodically over the 20-some guards that attempt to bar him from the field, before deciding simply to reach back into everquest one last time........

A massive ice comet slams the arena instantly killing all audience members and combatants within, as Sem steps onto the field he notices to his great joy that he has just utterly obliterated Raven's stadium in Baltimore.

Sem, unable to resist the urge to quote untold, long-forgotten movies: "I was kinda like a one man force 'ay, like, like Charelton Heston[Ext 4], in, in Omega man[Ext 5], did you see it? It's beauty"

Sem exits the game, and changes levels, entering the real arena.

Sem is tempted to use annother ice-commet, but realizes that kind of power must not come to jediknight, as he surveys the scene, picking through the giant mettalic rabbit ears, he conjures and summons misc. items from the original JK cogs[Ext 6], leaving behind a trail of max-head raildet charges he leaps to the stands, and contemplates what has happened here......


Britt's Commentary

"The line that Semievil references is from the movie Strange Brew[Ext 7]." - Britt the Writer


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