NeS1 Post 109 takes a step into Pre-NeS history with Lightstaff, an old man, telling the history of the current Story Arc. He explains to his grandchildren that he left the Never-ending Story because it was boring. He then reveals that the comet, bound for Earth, is actually a plot by Grand Admiral Thrawn to help him conquer the Earth, which he learnt by landing on the comet with his ship. France tried to destroy the comet with nuclear missiles but they failed and, ultimately, Ares began his arena challenges, which distracted the heroes from the real danger at hand. He also explains the meta reasoning behind the circumstances, pointing out that the Administrators of the Massassi Temple Forum created the ISB after getting annoyed with so many useless posts. The children are dumbfounded by the explanation and he tells them to get back to watching the fight on TV.


*Someplace far far Glen Burnie, Lightstaff sits in a Lay-Z-Boy chair, equipt with oxygen tank and pills. Little kids scampered at his feet, tugging at his wrinkles and such. Then one of the kids looked at him with big puppy dog eyes and said "Grandpa Lightstaff, why did you leave the Neverending Story Thread?"

Lightstaff: "Becasue it was boring. Now scat before I whip my cane out."

annoying kid#2: "How did it all start grandpa?"

Lightstaff: *sigh*Earth was threatened by a comet which never existed in hte first place..but it did...I think I'm going above your heads here. Anyway, I went and started what perhaps made the Interactive story board in teh first place by taking my ship and landing it on the comet. A lot of wierd stuff happened, we found out the comet was in fact a sheme of Thrawn's to take over teh Earth, a bunch of writers joined in with some wierd things to say, the french tried to launch nukes at it, but they couldn't build missles worth crap, and then Ares made his arena and challanged all bad writers to fight him. Administrators grew sick of seeing such useless posts taking up space and made a board specifically for useless posts such as these. Ares then started the fight of teh century of the week, new people joined in the fun, old people such as myself left, and now the administrators have discovered that this still exists, including teh powerful thread killer Justyn, so now all teh people in this story are at risk of being deleted!"

*All teh little kids stared at him dumbfoundedly. Lightstaff sighed once again.*

Lightstaff: "Kids...they don't understand anything. Go watch teh fight and keep grampy posted, will ya? Where's Snyderman when you need him to get rid of annoying kids...*sigh*"

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