NeS1 Post 108 sees the brief return of Enchilada Man, who fled back to his homeworld of Espa-nol in NeS1 Post 58. When he arrives with his pet dewback Rex, however, everyone starts firing shots at him. In retaliation he fires his own big burrito blaster and makes a quick getaway aboard El Taco-Grande.


*Enchilada Man runs in before they are able to fight.*

Enchilada Man: Hey! I heard there was a western[Ext 1] party happening here. Am I late? Nobody here looks western! Say, who wants enchiladas?

*Everyone stares at him blankly.*

RobX: Shoot him.

*With that, RobX falls back asleep snoring loudly.*

Enchilada Man: Gee, you have a snoring problem, but I have something to fix that. REX! Come in here!

*Enchilada Man's faithful dewback[Ext 2] comes bounding in the place with an enchilada cart strapped to his back. Enchilada Man starts going through the cart, when all of a sudden, a blaster shot just misses his ear!*

Enchilada Man: HEY! ...Do that again!

*The whole place is filled with blaster shots, and the enchilada salesman pulls out his big burrito blaster with bean burrito bullets and starts spraying everyone with beans, cheeze, and hot sauce. He doesn't aim for Miss Fire, though, because she is a good friend of his with a frequent buyer coupon.*

*Anyhew, he jumps on Rex's back, and they head for the Taco Grande. They enter the ship, and blast off to his hideout.*

Justyn: Weird. Oh well, where were we? (reading the last post over) ... knocked ear off ... ear back on ... scene dissapears ... original outfits back ... ah! here we are- "Now, we duel." 'K then. Have at it, Antestarr!


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