NeS1 Post 105 sees Twin Suns, Antestarr and Miss Fire, aboard the Red Talon, discover that the Imperial Fleet they'd been looking for in NeS1 Post 100 has disappeared. Grand Admiral Thrawn has actually retired to watch the Superbowl at an Imperial Base. The heroes return to Ares' Colosseum where they are confronted by Ares' Clone, who was created by Ares in NeS1 Post 104. Miss Fire believes that clones are very boring and this clone seems to live up to the belief.


*With the ground forces neutralized, Twin Suns, Antestarr, and Miss Fire had launched off in their ships to take care of the Imperial Fleet. But when they reached into orbit, not a sign of teh fleet could be found.*

Antestarr: "Well, that was a waste of good fuel."

Twin: "Wonder where they went..."

--Back at the Imperial base--

Thrawn: "*munch munch* I can't miss teh Superbowl[Ext 1]! Someone pass the chips."

--Back at the Arena--

*The three that were just in orbit land back in the arena, greeted by Ares' clone*

clone: "(monotone voice)Glad you are back. Let us fight to the death."

Miss Fire: (to Antestarr)"God, I hate clones. They're so boring."

*Twin Suns pokes at Ares, who looks at where he was poked like it was an intriguing sensation.*

Antestarr: "Where's a ysalimiri[Ext 2] when you need one."


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