Inspired by Aglar the Writer's Non-Story Post question in NeS1 Post 102, in NeS1 Post 103 Gebohq the Writer locates Ares, the God of War, who is in Ares' Office deep in Ares' Colosseum. Here he is watching the matches when the Pay-per-view CEO calls and demands that he returns to the arena personally to satisfy what the audience wants.


(Good question Anglar...)

*Ares continued to watch the many TV's in front of him, each showing a different view of the arena. Ares leaned back in his executive's chair, propping his feet up on his huge cider desk. Many papers were strewn about his office, each one offering some commercial tie-in deal with the fight of the century of the week that had been held in his arena. Once a simple place to erradicate all bad writers, Ares had now turned it into a multi-billion credit coorperation. Ares grinned as he watched the fighting, which he had long ago slipped quietly out of. The phone next to him rang, startling Ares at first, then grabbed the phone.*

Ares: "Hello, this is Ares, god of war speaking. What would you like?"

voice: "It's me again, CEO of Pay-per-view. We've been getting some requests for you to be put back into the fight."

Ares: "Look here. When i said I would broadcast the fights on your channels, I specifically said I would not be directly involved. Is that understood?"

voice: "And look here Mr. stick-up-his-ass, if the audience doesn't get what they want, your out of a job. Do I make myself clear?"

Ares: "(grumble)yeah yeah...get right too it."

*With that, Ares hung up the phone. He thought about how he would be able to get out of this new situation unnoticed.*

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