In NeS1 Post 10, Gebohq Simon, Galvatron and Miss Fire are still watching the fight between Rob X and Ares. When Gebohq sees the triple-attack Rob X makes against Ares, he experiences trauma and curls up in a ball to protect himself.


*Gebohq, Galv, and Miss Fire continue to watch the fight when they see Rob X execute the triple threat. Seeing AOL[Ext 1], a mac[Ext 2], and Xoom[Ext 3] having to be used made Gebohq curl up into a fetal position just thinking about it. He closes his eyes*

Geb: "Tell me when the torture stops Galv."

Galv: "OK, let's just hope Sinbad[Ext 4] doesn't come into the ring. That would be real scary."


Gebohq's Commentary

"The Sinbad reference was based on a joke from the TV show Freakazoid![Ext 5]. (Seen here[Ext 6])" - Gebohq the Writer


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