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== History ==
== History ==
=== Evolutionary History ===
The Naacal are an evolutionary cousin to [[humanity]], both having evolved from the same ancestral species<sub><ref group="Pan">[[Pan Post 158]], [[Pan Page 4]], [[Space Camelot]], [[Pantheons of the NeSiverse]] written by [[Britt the Writer]].</ref></sub>.
=== The Kingdom of Mu ===
=== The Kingdom of Mu ===

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The Naacal, sometimes called "Muirians", are a humanoid species that dwell on the planet Earth. Once they had a great kingdom, the Kingdom of Mu, but a flood decimated their people and they resettled in the lands of Asia where they lived extended lives, beyond that of human years. Through their genetics they have cells that produce magic, allowing them to use magic without aether. Their population is very small ever since the great flood and few have been prominent throughout history. Once The Greene Knight served as a Knight of the Round Table for King Arthur and was instrumental in the colonisation efforts of Space Britain on Algernon.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Many would mistake naacals as Chinese, who they most resemble physically[Pan 1].

Powers Edit

Genetic Magic Edit

The naacal have extra cells within their bodies that produce magic, allowing the application of magic even without the use of aether. These cells are passed down through their genes. Specifically their magic allows them to manipulate and create plant life in all manner of forms[Pan 1].

History Edit

Evolutionary History Edit

The Naacal are an evolutionary cousin to humanity, both having evolved from the same ancestral species[Pan 2].

The Kingdom of Mu Edit

The Kingdom of Mu was once a powerful nation on Earth, long before the rise of humanity. However, their kingdom was desolated in a great flood and the naacals were forced to retreat to new lands - specifically to Asia. There they dwelt in the forests, mostly avoiding contact with other species[Pan 1].

Notes Edit

Britt's Commentary Edit

"The Naacal are very loosely inspired by the naacal[Ext 1] people of mythology." ~ Britt the Writer.

References Edit

External References Edit

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Pantheons of the NeSiverse References Edit

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