The Myst Sector of the Milky Way Galaxy is an ancient sector of the galaxy with many ancient civilisations that have come and gone. Due to catastrophic supernatural events in the sector's history, a group called the Witch Wardens arose and have become the embodiment of the overall anti-supernatural ideology of most of the sector's civilisations. The Teknis Circle is a star system of the sector and the primary circle, a Witch Warden base of operations, from which they coordinate their other circle outposts within, and without, the sector. On the edge of the Myst Sector is Necrill, which is under the dominion of The Imperium.

Witch Wardens

Teknis Circle

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The Imperium


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The planet Necrill is part of The Imperium and is generally tolerated by the other civilisations because it lies on the very edge of the sector. Witch-Wardens are known to go there for training due to the planet's high concentration of aether, all of which is permitted by The Imperium. The planet was once part of another star system but its star lost the planet as it slingshot across the galaxy until it was caught by the gravity well of its new netherlight star. Due to the netherlight of the star, the planet is very cool but won't freeze because of the heat from the aether. The gravity is quite weak, causing dust and small rocks to form clouds and stony rain. The flora of the planet is bleached white by the constant netherlight[Tales 1].


Tales from The Imperium References

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