The Multiverse is the collective term to encompass all of the various universes, such as the NeSiverse or Discharding (Universe). The Multiverse consists of an infinite number of universes that exist within their own contexts, have their own laws of physics and have their own lifeforms. Some are capable of crossing universes, such as Powerplayers or Planestriders, and there are some factions, such as the High Empire or The Imperium, that exist across multiple universes of the same Multiverse. Alternate realities exist within their own alternate Multiverses and collectively they make up Forever, otherwise termed Omniverse.



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High Empire

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The Imperium

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The Peacekeepers

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The Peacekeepers are a peacekeeping force for The Imperium that attempt to protect it from Multiversal incidents, such as crossing itself in an alternate reality. They operate out of The Fracture, which is a place beyond reality that was created when Highemperor tried to restore reality after The Sundering. The Peacekeepers regularly cross universes and realities as part of their duties and are considered experts in the field. To this end much of their technology, such as the reality stabiliser or phase shielding and weapons, utilise or alter the Multiversal physics[Tales 1].

The Coordination

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A planestrider is someone who is capable of traversing across the planes of existence, both physical and metaphysical. While most travellers of the Multiverse force their way into the new universe or reality, a planestrider is allowed in as though they were always there. Iskendriel compares herself, as a planestrider, to a ballet dancer while everyone else is a mosher[Tales 1].

Phase Technology

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Phase technology is technology that phases in and out of reality, slipping into one universe and then another to gather energy. This can be used in a phase rifle, which fires a bolt of energy that phases in and out of the universes to gather increasing energy the further it travels[Tales 1].


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