Mnemosyne is the name of the Titan that represents memory and world-building within Stories. She has been confined to the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy by the gods that overthrew the titans. Britt was revealed as Mnemosyne's chosen avatar to develop greater history for The Never-ending Story in his own story Britt: The Legend. She is described as a gigantic woman whose eyes are the size of planets. Her motivations at this point are unknown and the exact reasons and nature for her imprisonment are also unknown. Very few know of the existence of the titans.

Notes & Inconsistencies

Britt the Writer

"I created Mnemosyne after I came up with a lose idea for a Hero Force One story line where the team discovered something at the centre of the galaxy that was drawing in all of the planets. When I decided to go in a different direction with the Hero Force One story I decided to reformulate my idea and it wound up in Britt: The Legend." - Britt the Writer

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