A Mini-arc is a smaller Story Arc within a larger one. These mini-arcs usually have very little to do with the current Story Arc and may even be set elsewhere entirely or in a different time entirely. Mini-arcs may be spread across a few Pages but they come in much fewer Posts.

List of Mini-arcs

Never-ending Story2

Britt: The Legend


Hero Force One


Pantheons of the NeSiverse

Indra (Story Arc)

Main article: Indra (Story Arc) | See also: Pantheons of the NeSiverse

Indra (Story Arc) is a mini-arc following Kara Pashna as he travels across Indra to meet its Pantheon of gods after a litik, named Litik Rjingi, predicts the end of the planet Indra. The litiks predict that the end of the world will come with a single alien vessel. Pashna is sent by his own god, Jitarayara, to meet with the other gods and gather the clues for their salvation until he is executed by Pesu. Litik Map, with help from Litik Rjingi, continue his quest across the lands[Int 1].

Space Camelot

Main article: Space Camelot | See also: Pantheons of the NeSiverse

Space Camelot is a mini-arc featured in Pantheons of the NeSiverse and revolves around the character King Arthur and his spaceship named Camelot. He and many of his people left his kingdom of Great Britain to travel into space and found a new kingdom on another planet[Int 2].

12 God-Monarchs: Origins



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