Template:CharacterMillicent Tarq, once just known as "Geb's Girlfriend", is a human woman from the planet Terra Flux and a citizen of The Galactic Empire of the Milky Way. She met Gebohq Simon and Rob X in the Cantina. She later went to NeSu and became Gebohq's girlfriend. She showed her support of him when he fought in Ares' Colosseum. She's a well-spoken woman with high standards.



Geb's Girlfriend is firstly described by her bust size, which is very large[NeS1 1]. She is also described as being very beautiful by others[NeS1 2]. Her hair is mousy-brown with streaks of light blonde through it. It cascades down in gentle waves looking untamed and yet perfectly tamed. Her lips are red and thick, giving her a unique feature that catches attention[NeSh 1].


She is devoted to Gebohq as she attempts to support him and she's faithful to him (or simply dislikes Rob X) as he refuses the advances of others forcefully[NeS1 1]. She is graceful and bold[NeSh 1].


Her voice is superior and lilting with a cadence that suggests she has no equal[NeSh 1].



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Millicent Tarq met Gebohq Simon and Rob X when they were studying to be Jedis on the planet Terra Flux when they came to the Cantina. They came again a second week, hoping to meet her and her friends. When they met and introduced themselves they became objects of both fascination and the butt of jokes for the girls, including Millicent's friend Joleia Carta and Cassra Terrin-Pullista[NeSh 1].

The Fight of the Century of the Week

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During Gebohq's duel with Arbiter, Geb's Girlfriend calls out her support from the bleachers of Ares' Colosseum. This distracts them both but when Arbiter comments on her breast size, it sends Gebohq into a rage. In the bleachers, Gebohq's friend, Rob X, tries to chat up Geb's Girlfriend but she slaps him for the attempt[NeS1 1]. Geb's girlfriend goes on Jerry Springer[Ext 1] where Arbiter and Gebohq verbally argue over Arbiter's comments about his girlfriend's appearance[NeS1 2].


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