Mike (host) was the host of a telesales show where he would endeavour to question and discuss objects that providers bring to the show to sell to an audience. During one show when he was selling a product called lightfoils, Mike was unexpectedly crushed to death by the audience eager to get their cheap lightfoils.



Mike the host acts in the stead of his audience, weaning the information from a seller that audience members will need in order to make their purchase. Asking a slew of questions he also acts as though he is one with the audience, encouraging sellers to drop prices to meet audience demand[NeS1 1].


The Fight of the Century of the Week

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Mike was host to a tv show named Amazing Innovations where they would sell various products that are usually unavailable in stores yet. He would assume the role as voice of the audience to get the information they need in order to make a purchase and would encourage the audience's demands on the seller, whilst also accepting whatever the seller said and equally encouraging their claims as bona fide. During one show, Tony (British Pitch Guy) was selling lightfoils, which were invented by Antestarr, and after making a series of ludicrous claims was encouraged to lower his price right down by Mike. Once the price was low enough the audience rushed to buy and, unexpectedly, wound up crushing Mike underfoot in their mad rush for a purchase[NeS1 1].


Never-ending Story1 References

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