Mighty Michel was a giant that spent time aboard Outpost Finagle where he confronted two Knights of the Round Table; Sir Bedivere and Sir Kay. Sir Bedivere insulted the relative size of a giant's penis to his bodily proportions, which angered Michel and his friends into attacking the two humans.



He is three-times the size of the average human. He has long, lank, blonde hair. The man is lithe with sinewy arms and visibly bulging veins. His face is chiselled with a sharp, square jaw[Pan 1].


Michel is a bully and will insult others verbally as well as assault them physically. He is easily embarrassed by his own name[Pan 1].



Michel is so strong that he can bodily throw another giant across a room[Pan 1].


Space Camelot

While in the Giants' Bar of Outpost Finagle, a human knight of Space Britain, named Sir Bedivere, explained to Mighty Michel and his fellow giants that a giant's penis is disproportionately small for their body size. This prompted the giants to aggression and they began to throw furniture at Sir Bedivere and his friend, Sir Kay. Kay offered up a white flag and tried to negotiate their departure from the bar but when Michel told them his name, Kay started laughing. His laughter prompted others in the bar to laugh too. Michel threw one of his own laughing friends straight at the piano where Kay was hiding before he and his other friends chased the two humans from the bar[Pan 1].


Britt's Commentary

"The name joke of the character was taken from Me'Shell, a character in DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story[Ext 1]." ~ Britt the Writer


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