The Massassi Temple forum is the website where the Interactive Story Board containing the Never-ending Story can be found. The website is dedicated to the Star Wars video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight and editing levels within the game. Due to the focus of the site, the Never-ending Story began its existence heavily influenced by Star Wars and this game in particular but would eventually evolve into something far more. The forum itself has other active forums for various non-Star Wars related activities.

Interactive Story Board

The Interactive Story Board, or ISB, is a forum section for the Massassi Temple website where creative writing is done by Writers. The creative writing can be done on any subject that a Writer chooses but it is primarily popular for the Never-ending Story and its spin-off threads[Ext 1].

Main Editing Board

The Main Editing Board was an area of the website dedicated to the editing of Star Wars: Jedi Knight and showcasing the work done. ST_Clan Leader accidentally found himself on the ISB when he thought it was the Main Editing Board[NeS1 1].


The administration of the Massassi Temple forum has changed over the years but has been directly referenced within the Never-ending Story itself. During The Fight of the Century of the Week the administrators and moderators were written into the Story itself as Characters[NeS1 2]. The group consisted of the following;


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