Mages are users of magic and are found all over the world. While there are various ways of utilising magic most channel aether from the atmosphere, which will transform into magical effects. Many mages are taught in the ways of magic, some of which attend a great school of magic which is currently The Toiletium in Seattle.



See also: Doughnutdelf

Doughnutdelf, hidden beneath Stonehenge in England, was once the school of mages across the world and a place where mages would train alongside the druids that lived there(Bt:L). However Doughnutdelf was virtually destroyed and Merlin was trapped within the ruined city by the NeSferatu and their leader Nyneve after she, once Merlin's pupil, betrayed the old wizard and killed most of the mages and druids within. Those that remained decided that they would need to establish a new school elsewhere and they decided upon the land of Gaul[Pan 1].

The Magium

See also: The Magium

The Magium was the second great centre of learning for mages, located within France...


Pantheons of the NeSiverse References

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