Mabey is a member of the ST Clan and is known to be uncommunicative and obstructive to other members of the team, yet is surprisingly tolerated as such. He works for the ST Clan Leader and anyone who hires the team, such as Clear the Ambassador for Mars.



Mabey is short and quite fat. He has a set of red tinted goggles on his face that make his features appear even more pudgy than they actually are. Otherwise he has a long black trench coat on, which helps to mask some of the excess weight. Under the trench coat are many belt buckles on his torso[CatH 1].


Mabey is deliberately obstructive and uncommunicative in cooperating with others, even his superiors and employers. He will say the minimum necessary to respond truthfully to a question and will not volunteer additional, even important, information[CatH 1].


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