Locrete Bastelle Andralain was once an angel but was turned into a vampire. She serves a tactical officer aboard The Lamb, formerly under the command of Ameryl Hypericum before she was trapped in the Time-Lock Event.



As a former angel, she retains the grace and external beauty but it is marred by bright red irises that seem constantly hungry[Tales 1].


She never corrects her superior officer, even when they are wrong[Tales 2].



As a vampire, Locrete drinks blood and will even drink her own[Tales 2].


Shades of an Empire

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The renegade princess of the High Empire known as Indigo Shade was reported to be in the Briggan Star System within Imperium space. High Legatifex Astrid was granted permission to enter the system, along with Imperium support from Ameryl Hypericum and The Lamb. However, upon arriving in the Briggan System, the sun imploded into the formation of a supermassive black-hole. It swallowed the planet itself and would threaten the entire Brontax Galaxy with destruction[Tales 3]. The group of ships, consisting of Kalor Varkesh, The Lamb, its Greater Omega Reich Ships and two High Imperial Battlecruisers, needed to escape. Kalor Varkesh opened a rift to Tartarus with its Bagon Noz Drive. Only some of the ships made it through, losing two Greater Omega Ships and half of one High Imperial ship, and The Lamb was last. Locrete used a tractor to latch onto some unknown presence within Tartarus to get through[Tales 1]. Drawn by the presence of many powerful ships, Memnoch came to The Lamb and caused a high pitched noise that caused pain and incapacitated the crew, including Adralain. Ameryl was shielded by the power of her anti-power ring. She struck a bargain with him, despite his intimidating presence, and agreed she would grant him infinite souls in return for Imperium possession over a Hell-domain. He agreed and she granted him a micro-world where civilisations rose and fell in minutes and all of its souls were Memnoch's to devour[Tales 2].


Britt's Commentary

"Andralain was based on a Character for the Chinese Students Competition for the unnamed 'Vampire-Angel' Character. I gave the Character a name, personality and additional details." ~ Britt the Writer


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