Template:Location The planet Earth and the Solar System exist within the Laniakea Supercluster, along with the Milky Way Galaxy. During the Missing: Earth Story Arc, the Laniakea Supercluster was moved to the Deep Void by the mysterious group R.I.T.E. so that they could attract the Netherwyrms and capture them in their scheme to defeat an invasion of the NeSiverse by Highemperor. The Earth, however, was not transferred with the rest of the supercluster and was left behind, while Orbital One and the superhero team Hero Force One were stranded in the supercluster. They searched for a way to return the supercluster to where it belonged.

Milky Way Galaxy

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The Milky Way is the Galaxy in which the Earth is held, along with the Solar System. It is a spiral galaxy and is a hotbed of activity and life, with many famous and important plants existing within it. Far from the Deep Void, it is considered to be a relatively safe and secure place in which to live.

Solar System

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The Solar System is integral as it contains both Earth and Jupiter, two key planets for the Never-ending Story. The Solar System is often the prime location for epic Story Arcs, though most are confined to the planet Earth itself. Various species have been borne from the Solar System, including humans and jupiterians and it has been the battleground for several factions of the NeSiverse.


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The planet Earth is the focal point for the Never-ending Story and was the seat of power for the Ancient One before his demise. The Earth holds a special place in the NeSiverse due to it being the originator of the NeS and its magical and narrative leylines flow through it. It is host to several factions and species, but most notably it is the primary world for the human species.

Orbital One

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Orbital One is the spacestation belonging to the superhero team Hero Force One and orbits the planet Earth. It is the best that money can buy but isn't meant directly as a battlestation, rather a mere base of operations. It is run by the base's Artificial Intelligence named CynthAI and is a symbol of the team's might and, often, the might of the United States of America - a country of Earth that is largely responsible for funding Hero Force One.


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Wayne's World

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Wayne's World is a world filled within 1990s popular culture references of Earth. The world's physics are strong enough that even the strongest of NeSiverse beings are subjected to its affects. There is a low-level psychic field that will influence speech patterns so that common expressions from the 90s may be uttered by anyone visiting. Inhabitants are some form of 90s stereotype.

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