Template:CharacterLady Igraine was the mother of King Arthur by Uther Pendragon. She was married to the ruler of Dummonia and, through an affair, give birth to Arthur on the beach near Tintagel Castle to avoid being detected by her husband.


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Lady Igraine had an affair with Uther Pendragon, the claimant to the throne of Britannia, and her son, Arthur, was born on the beach near to Tintagel Castle to avoid being noticed by her husband. Her husband was the ruler of Dummonia in Cornwall, Tintagel Castle being their home. Igraine had a second son, named Kay, who she bore with her true husband. Kay would later become a knight for his half-brother, Arthur.[Pan 1].


Britt's Commentary

"The story of Arthur's birth is actually based on the true story of the legendary king's birth, and the character of Igraine would be based upon the real character of Igraine[Ext 1]." ~ Britt the Writer


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