Kryptonite is an incredibly durable, crystalline material created by the Kryptons of Saturn. Though incredibly defensive against attacks, the kryptons usually wear it as standard clothing and use liquid armour for specific protection. The crystal can be coloured various colours and formed into various shapes, both practical and decorative.



Kryptonite is a solid crystalline substance that can be sculpted into various shapes and sizes for both practical and decorative use. It also can be dyed in varying colours. It is most commonly used by the kryptons of Saturn as clothing[Pan 1].



Kryptonite is incredibly hard and durable[Pan 1].


Britt's Commentary

"Kryptonite is very loosely based on kryptonite[Ext 1] from DC Comics[Ext 2], though it only resembles it in name and crystalline appearance. This was a quick joke as the character, Gamma Pans, was crated for the Chinese Student Competition and listed as a'Krypton'[Ext 3], similarly named to the DC species." ~ Britt the Writer


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