Template:CharacterKokoro Lymn is a Muovinian that has become an Æon student in the hopes of becoming a knight. It is unusual for one of her species to venture beyond their homeworld of Vinia as they aren't, by nature, especially adventurous. She is a consular of the Æon and focuses on manipulating her soul to project her powers. She has been partnered with Ffion Heul since they were children and their first teacher was Telkrin Izep until he supposedly died to the Dark Water on the planet Oeurwoud. During her travels with Clear and The Hopeful they met the Æon Knight Aellisin Koure working for The Galactic Empire of the Milky Way. He revealed he was the student partner of their old teacher, Telkrin Izep, and wanted to become their new teacher. Kokoro refused but Ffion insisted on it, despite Ffion's usual temperament towards dark Æon. It later became apparent that Ffion, along with the other female crew of The Hopeful, were under the influence of Falleen pheromones secreted by Koure. Although Kokoro couldn't be affected by them, due to her species, Koure set Ffion to attack Kokoro.
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