King Polydectes was a king of ancient Greece over the city-state island of Seriphos. His brother was a fisherman married to Danaë but when her husband died, Polydectes decided to make Danaë his wife against her wishes. However she was protected by her son, Perseus, who was the son of Zeus. Polydectes concocted a simple means of distracting Perseus away from Seriphos, relying on Perseus' dim-witted nature, so he could marry Danaë when Perseus was absent. Perseus returned the day of the wedding along with Medusa as a pegasus but used her Gorgon-head to turn the king into stone along with all of the lords that forced Danaë into the marriage. His body was then on display in the palace-museum.



Polydectes was an ugly old man. He was missing most of his teeth and his body was stick-thin[Leg 1].


He was cruel and cunning. He didn't care for the wishes or feelings of others and was attracted to Danaë for nothing more than her beauty[Leg 1].


Greek Legends

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Britt's Commentary

"Polydectes is based on the Polydectes[Ext 1] from the story of Perseus[Ext 2], including his forcible marriage to Danaë[Ext 3] and his ultimate demise turning to stone." ~ Britt the Writer


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