The Jupiterian Republic is a nation founded by Jupiterians that once lived on the planet Jupiter in the solar system. They expanded as an empire under their sovereign queens until Jupiter, and the royal family, were destroyed by The Otter. Since then they have remained a republic, despite the attempts of Ptolly Simon and Admiral Ltexi to restore the monarchy. The various worlds of the republic are connected via portal-gates and they do not see territory in a linear fashion. The republic uses perennial ships for military purposes.


Current Members

Deceased Members

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Space Fleet

The Jupiterian Republic has a space fleet that is led by various admirals, such as Admiral Ltexi[Pan 1].

Perennial Ships

The perennial ships are the tree-like ships of the republic, and the empire before it. They are sleek and polished wood with a single massive tree that powers the vessel, including its ability to jump through space[Pan 1].



The Jupiterian Empire was once a monarchy that had a matriarchal system of queens. By 500AD men were allowed to vote[Pan 1].


Social Media

Jupiterians use Jovianbook to communicate with each other, which was created during the Medieval Era[Pan 2].


Portal Tech

Jupiterian portal technology connects their Multiversal domain with portals upon every world they own[Pan 3].


The Jupiterian Republic controls a large network of planets but there is no discernable pattern to them as they are dotted across the Multiverse. This is due to their portal technology connecting planets together rather than proximity[Pan 3].


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Main article: Tress

Tress is a gigantic rock world, much bigger than Jupiter, that is split between the Jupiterian Republic and The Imperium on either side of the aptly named River Split. In orbit is the Great Eiyill that, as a symbol of trust between the two nations, points its weapons away from the planet. Since peace reigns, the two sides trade comfortably with each other[Tales 1].


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