A British superhero and therefore one of the rare members of Hero Force One that are not American, Judge is acting team leader and shares the title of 'powerhouse' with co-member and best friend Seraphim. Judge, perhaps to emphasise that Hero Force One is there to protect both American and its allies, is usually wearing the union jack on her superhero outfit. She has powers over telekinesis, which she uses offensively and to great effect when in battle with their enemies. She was asked to be team leader by Dr R. Deep who saw her as a fairly sound moral compass to help guide the team in the right direction. She developed feelings for co-member Qhobeg 2 but his mind was lost when he used the Deus Ex Machine to transport the entire Laniakea Supercluster to its rightful place. Judge took leave of the team for a while, though she was forced to return to duty when a plot by the Latter-Day Greys of Memnoch was enacted on Earth and she was the only hero in the vicinity. There she met Ffion Heul, an Æon Student that asked to join the team and the two were able to teach each other how to better the powers of their minds.











During Hero Force Down, Chapter Two of the Hero Force One (Story), Judge has a dream that shows her childhood. Although only a dream, and it being half-fictional with Dr R. Deep replacing her mother and the view of planet Earth from Orbital One being the view from the kitchen window, we still learn some facts about Judge's childhood. She was born in the EastEnd of London and didn't have a very friendly relationship with her mother, a single-parent and working class in a poor neighbourhood[MT Ref 1].

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Judge was based on a much older superhero character that I had created before I began writing for the NeS. Even then she was already wearing the union flag as her outfit and didn't consider just how "American" the Hero Force One group was supposed to be when I added her to their roster. Because I added Judge to the team, Hero Force One went from being purely American to being "America and her allies". Yet later I still wished to emphasis the American nature of the team and so Judge has to try to "Americanise" herself to appeal to the American public and the team's funders.


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