Template:Character Jim7 was once the seventh ruler of Hell. During his tenure as the Devil Hell expanded to create a whole new Circle of Hell - Canada. Jim7 is not one of the Heroes of the Never-ending Story and often strays very close to being a Villain, however he has been known to aid the Heroes on occasion and perhaps his biggest crime is his own ego and self-interest. He is usually obsessed with the trivial things in life, in part his greatest passion is Go-Karting. When Hell was relinquished to Mr Eight, otherwise known as Al Ciao, Jim7 spent a period of uninvolvement until, eventually, a new position arose - God. The former Seventh Devil of Hell became the current incarnation of God and, with a entourage of Angels, Jim7, or "God Jim", created Heaven on Earth in the poor, war-ravaged country of Burundi.

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