The Isle of Hera, sometimes called "The Garden of Hera" or even "The Isle of Apples", is a magical island that was created and visited by the Greek God Hera and was located between Britannia and Gaul. It is home to unnatural flora and fauna created by Hera and is maintained by the magical women known as the hesperides.



The island is surrounded by pebble beaches but the interior of the island is a raised plateau above the beaches to deter accidental intrusion. The weather is cool and wet and the land extremely fertile for the cultivation of Hera's prized gardens[Leg 1].


The plants of the island are unnaturally coloured and are extravagantly designed, quite unlike anything the Earth would naturally produce. There are flowers such as pink daffodils. There are precious apples of gold, silver and the rarest is green, though green is the only one common to the rest of Europe. Some of the plants are very active and will wiggle and dance[Leg 1].


There are unnatural creatures to be found on the island, such as the magical pixies. There are also butterflies larger than birds[Leg 1].



The hesperides were supernatural women created as caretakers for the Isle of Hera by Hera herself. Despite being across great distances from each other, when they sang they all sang in unison and when one stopped they would all stop. They have incredibly pale skin that is as white as snow (not white in the European sense). One of the hesperides was called Ægle[Leg 1].


Greek Legends

Perseus & Medusa

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The island was once visited by the ancient Greek hero Perseus who was searching for magical weapons to defeat the evil Medusa. He met with Ægle but she had nothing for him and instead Athena arrived to help him and send him on his way[Leg 1].


Britt's Commentary

"The Isle of Hera is loosely based around the Garden of the Hesperides[Ext 1], which was Hera's[Ext 2] orchard where golden apples were supposed to grow. As I intended to use a magical, golden apple as the Apple of Discord[Ext 3] later I wanted to introduce the place from which the apple originated and I settled with Hera's orchard as the Isle of Hera. I also did it because I wanted to make a connection with the 'Isle of Apples'[Ext 4], or just Avalon in NeS - the island of Morganna le Fay." ~ Britt the Writer


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