Imperial Archives
The Galactic Empire of the Milky Way
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Function To provide extensive information and quality research on all subjects.
Creator Imperial researchers
Past Owners N/A

The Imperial Archives is a massive database hosted by The Galactic Empire of the Milky Way and is compiled by researchers from across the Milky Way. However most researchers are Imperial and they look down upon research from other sources unless exceptional. The archives can be accessed wirelessly anywhere in the galaxy, particularly from PIP machines.


The Imperial Archives are meant to provide vast, comprehensive and factual documents of research for the entire empire. Research must be submitted and approved, leading many to work exceptionally hard to get approved into this elitist club[CatH 1]. It can be accessed from anywhere in the galaxy wirelessly, especially through PIP machines is the software is downloaded onto the hardware (citation needed).


Britt's Commentary

"In a way the archives are based on the existence of the Imperial Archives[Ext 1] in Star Wars, however my actual idea was more of a joke about Wikipedia[Ext 2] and the more elitist Encyclopædia Britannica[Ext 3]." - Britt the Writer


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