Template:CharacterIcer is the name given to a woman trapped in time aboard the space vessel called The Hopeful. Icer is found at the door to the Command Deck shouting a word evidently with an 'o' sound. The room inside is on fire and Icer herself is burning. The tag on her chest has mostly been burnt off with just a word that appears as "Icer" to Clear, the ship's current captain. Icer was once captain of The Hopeful but little else is known beyond that fact. When Clear found a room filled with DNA of the ship's previous crew, the ship's A.I., Mother, was able to run a simulation using the ship's memory banks that would show 'ghosts', or 'living daylights', of the crew's actions, including Captain Icer.



Although her specific species was original unknown, she, to Clear at least, appears human. She wears a military suit of grey with a long, blue cape and a tall cap. However she, like the Command Deck behind her, is on fire and some of her uniform has been burnt away, such as the tag on her chest that now just seems to say "Icer", giving her her dubbed name. Her eyes are brown. Even Icer's hair is burning at the tips around her face. She is shouting at the window, permanently trapped in an 'o' sound[CatH Ref 1].


Clear and the Hopeless

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Icer was briefly mentioned in passing as Clear, the Salmitton who has claimed The Hopeful to be her own, walked by the Command Deck on her way to salvage materials on Mars, the planet that The Hopeful was orbiting. It wasn't until her return that Clear spent a moment watching Icer through the window of the door to the Command Deck. Clear would often look at Icer and confide her feelings in the frozen woman since her father died. The moment was interrupted when Note, the ship's A.I., suddenly, an unexpectedly, jumped through space[CatH Ref 1].


Britt's Commentary

"I always wanted to set up Icer as one of the long-running mysteries of Clear and the Hopeless; who is she, why was she under attack, why is she frozen in time, will she be released and if she is, what will she do?" - Britt the Writer


Clear and the Hopeless References

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