A Hypericumite is a species hailing from the destroyed Hypericum Empire. With the destruction of the empire, at the hands of its own Queen Imeryn Hypericum, they are an endangered species with few of their number left in the Multiverse. Some of them have reverted their allegiance from Imeryn to her twin sister, Ameryl Hypericum.



Some hypericumites have pink hair, such as Ameryl Hypericum or purple hair, such as Imeryn Hypericum[Pan 1]. White is a common colour for hair, which is what Ameryl changed hers to[Tales 1] and Kleo the Summermaid was born with. Many of them have golden irises but none have pupils[Tales 2].






Britt's Commentary

"After I started to use Ameryl Hypericum as one of the main characters for Tales of the Imperium, I heavily edited in many details about the hypericumites that was either expanded from Al Ciao the Writer's original material or entirely new." ~ Britt the Writer


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